Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The following takes place between...

So this is the world of blogging? Interesting. I don't think anyone has ever really been interested to much in what I have to say, but if this will draw them, then I will type. So I have may thoughts going on right now. Thoughts about my day ahead, the craziness of the weather, the state of UK Basketball, March Madness, church tonight. You know, things like that. So lets begin.

My day has been pretty normal up to this point. I got in this morning and began to put the finishing touches on my lesson for tonight. We are going through the KNOWN series by LifeWay and we are the Love Lesson. Tonight it is titled, "Where is the Love? The Beauty of Love." The question that I will ask the kids is, "How can I know that God loves me?" You know that's an interesting question. One that many of us would probably ask ourselves. How can I know that God loves me? In a world that has little to no morals, little to no concept of God, we sure do struggle with how God can love us. Here's the point, Jesus dies for you - to show you God's love - when you least deserved it. That's the bottom line. In a world that tells us that we are lord over our lives, the world wants nothing to do with God, but God still loves them. How can God continue to love people that continually reject Him and His love?

Heavy I know. My next thought for today is about the crazy weather in West Tennessee. The last two days it has been sunny and in the mid to upper 70's. Today.... rainy, cold, 42 degrees and a winter storm watch until noon today. What the dump? Come on now! What happened to the nice weather? Arrrrggggagribble!

So UK Basketball. What is happening in the bluegrass state? I'll tell you what is happening, not much of anything. I am a die hard UK fan. I love my Wildcats, but honestly. They are 19-12 and have lost 4 straight. The unstoppable game plan... give it to Jodie or Pat. Brilliant! At times this team has shown signs of greatness, but other times signs of complete and utter failure. UK nation has some high standards, they do. I read an article yesterday quoting Mitch Barnhart, "Billy is paid very well to be the coach at Kentucky and with that comes a responsibility. The coach at Kentucky is more well known than the governor, and you have to recognize that. When asked how he thought his coach was handling the pressure, Barnhart responds, "It's been difficult. We're not all perfect born into this. We have to be willing to make adjustments. We ask our players to make adjustments and we need to be willing to do the same thing. Self-examination and self-awareness are very important. After two years, we need to sit down and talk about what we need to do to get this program back to where we want it to be.'' That does not sound good for Billy G. Now I am not one of those UK fans that says fire the man, but it sounds to me like he may be having a heart to pink-slip conversation. The question is, if UK gets rid of Billy G, who do you get? Who's out there to go and get? Now the first name that every fanatic will throw out is Billy Donovan, I don't see him leaving Florida. Then there is Tom Izzo at MSU, not to bad a fit possibly. I think Jamie Dixon could be a pretty good fit. Here's his last 6 years, 03-04 --31-5 -- Sweet 16, 04-05 -- 20-9 -- NCAA 1st Rd, 05-06 -- 25-8 -- NCAA 2nd Rd, 06-07 -- 29-8 -- Sweet 16, 07-08 -- 27-10 -- NCAA 2nd Rd, 08-09 -- 28-3, possibly a #1 seed. He has a record of 160-43. I think he could be a pretty good fit, he has the numbers to back it up and the Big East has been pretty good for the last couple of years and especially this year. So what will become of Billy G? Well with a record of 37-26 in two seasons, and barring a miracle in the SEC tournament, no NCAA bid this year for the first time in 17 years, it doesn't look good for ole Billy Clyde.

Well I guess that's about it, oh wait, WKU is heading back to the dance! Go TOPS and let the Madness begin!


  1. Go Tops indeed! Have you seen the Laettner (sp?)/Pitino ad for Gatorade or whatever? Funny stuff, plus it's a sports reference that I get!

  2. First things first Carr, if you're gonna blog, you have to post a much better picture of yourself. First impression is key. Secondly, you can't talk about UK basketball. That's just too elementary, and frankly, boring. UK basketball hasn't been the same since Antoine Walker and Walter McCarty left (the denim jersey days). So, as far as I'm concerned, UK basketball is dead, and no longer worth my attention. But, I'll be checking here often regardless. :-)