Thursday, March 11, 2010

So much has happened

So I'm terrible at blogging. I never update this thing but I guess it's time to do so. So we found out in November that we were going to have a little Carr due in July and I have to say that I was slightly excited. After trying for 3 1/2 years to have a baby, God is finally blessing us with our first child. As of today we don't know the gender of our baby but we trust that our baby is healthy and Savanna and I have dedicated our child to the Lord.

So what else is happening in my life? Ministry is happening. God is still blessing Sand Ridge Baptist Church and He is doing some great things through our youth ministry. Just recently we took our youth to the Youth Evangelism Conference in Nashville, TN and I must say that it was the best conference I have ever been to and I've been to many a conference. God moved in the lives of our students that weekend. We had re-dedications and one that accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior that weekend too. God is great! We have a great group of students at SRBC. To take a weekend and sacrifice it to attend a conference and grow closer to God, says a lot about a person. And where would I be without the adult volunteers in my ministry? The answer to that would be in a bad place. The adults that we have working with our students are phenomenal and I couldn't do my ministry without them. The theme for the conference was Real People, Real God and about how when you have a real encounter with God, your life is different. It's like I shared with the students Sunday night. There is a story in the bible where Jesus encounters 10 lepers along the road and they cry out to Him for healing and He tells them to go show themselves to the priests. And they do so and come to find that they are healed of their disease. But the story doesn't stop there. No, one of them returns to Jesus to give praise to God and to worship and then Jesus asks the one "weren't there nine of you that were healed?" And goes on to tell the man that His faith has healed him. I believe that this healing that Jesus talks about is not a healing of his disease, but rather a healing of the soul. His sins were forgiven and I am convinced that we will see this man in heaven. This one man had a real encounter with God and because of that his life was forever changed, not just physically but also spiritually. How awesome is that? When you encounter the true, living Christ, your life will be noticeably different. If your life is not noticeably different, then you need to examine it and see why it is not and maybe you need to have a real encounter with the living God.

Please be in prayer for our Mexico mission team from SRBC. They will be serving in Fresnillo, Mexico and will return home on March 20.


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